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Kom­Ma publis­hes stu­dy on the Loca­ti­on Based Ser­vices Mar­ket in lea­ding LBS journal

Kom­Ma publis­hes stu­dy on the Loca­ti­on Based Ser­vices Mar­ket in lea­ding LBS journal

Nowa­days, it is hard to ima­gi­ne our ever­y­day life without ‘loca­ti­on-based ser­vices’ (LBS) like Goog­le Maps and many others. Whe­ther as smart­pho­ne apps with loca­ti­on refe­rence or as navi­ga­ti­on sys­tems in cars – LBS accom­pa­ny us ever­y­whe­re. So far the­re is sur­pri­sin­gly litt­le rese­arch con­cer­ning the mar­ket for LBS: Which pro­vi­ders of the­se ser­vices are cur­r­ent­ly the main play­ers in the mar­ket? In which sec­tors and loca­ti­ons are LBS used? What func­tions do LBS ful­fil (for pro­vi­ders and users)? Which user groups do they address? And final­ly: Which tech­no­lo­gies are used?

Metho­do­lo­gy: Quan­ti­ta­ti­ve Con­tent Analysis

The Kom­Ma team has been inves­ti­ga­ting the­se and other ques­ti­ons in a mar­ket explo­ra­ti­on stu­dy sin­ce 2018. Per Ole Uphaus, Björn Berin­ger and Harald Rau, as well as the two for­mer team mem­bers Kris­toph Sie­mens and Anni­ka Ehlers, first exami­ned rele­vant news­let­ters spe­cia­li­sing in cur­rent tech­no­lo­gies over a defi­ned peri­od of time and collec­ted infor­ma­ti­on on the loca­ti­on-based ser­vices men­tio­ned in them. Sub­se­quent­ly, for all the­se ser­vices, the first ten ent­ries in each case that resul­ted from a search engi­ne que­ry were exami­ned in more detail using a quan­ti­ta­ti­ve con­tent ana­ly­sis.
With this method, the Kom­Ma team was able to gain com­ple­te­ly new insights into the loca­ti­on-based ser­vices mar­ket. For examp­le, it was shown that the majo­ri­ty of the ser­vices exami­ned are pri­ma­ri­ly desi­gned for adver­ti­sing and/​or so-cal­led ‘ana­ly­tics’ func­tions. Ano­t­her sur­pri­sing result was that the­re seems to be a clear trend towards an incre­a­sed use of indoor LBS, which even see­med to domi­na­te the LBS mar­ket during the stu­dy period.

Key Fin­dings on the Loca­ti­on Based Ser­vices Market

The key fin­dings from this mar­ket explo­ra­ti­on stu­dy, tit­led ‘Loca­ti­on-based ser­vices – the mar­ket: suc­cess fac­tors and emer­ging trends from an explo­ra­to­ry approach’ (DOI: 10.1080/17489725.2020.1868587 ), have been publis­hed in the Jour­nal of LBS. The Jour­nal of LBS is a world-lea­ding sci­en­ti­fic jour­nal in this field, publi­shing cur­rent rese­arch results from all are­as of loca­ti­on-based rese­arch and rela­ted tech­no­lo­gies. Per Ole Uphaus and Björn Berin­ger were pre­vious­ly able to meet the journal’s edi­tor Georg Gart­ner alrea­dy in 2019 at the 15th Inter­na­tio­nal Con­fe­rence on Loca­ti­on Based Ser­vices in Vien­na. The­re, they were able to pre­sent their paper ‘Bar­ri­ers seen by poten­ti­al local Pro­vi­ders of App­li­ca­ti­ons using Loca­ti­on-Based Ser­vices’ (DOI: 10.34726/lbs2019.36 ).

Foto: anto­ni­okhr /​ istock­pho­to


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